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OpenSlava 2016

I spent a nice Friday on this open source conference so here are my impressions. The first presentation worth mentioning is the one about the ELK stack given by Rastislav Rehak. He described the roles of “E”, “L” and “K”

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Bash-fu part2: highlight important stuff in logs and Maven build

Some time ago when I was staring at the log files, not much fun by the way, I said to myself that it would be nice to have a way to highlight information that is more important than the rest.

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Improve your Bash-fu with Command-line Completion

I am a Java developer and I am used to certain level of comfort when using all the tools Java ecosystem provides. All the modern IDEs contains code completion feature for example. I use Bash a lot and I use

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Java Developer Day 2012

On my way back home from the Red Hat new hire orientation in Munich I attended the developer conference in Prague called Java Developer Day 2012. Last year it was held in Brno and, I must say, it was much

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Hello World

I am pleased to announce the release of my brand new blog 1.0 GA. Hopefully, it won’t die as all my previous attempts to blog. I am going to write about Java, RHQ project, Metadata Editor, programming in general, my

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